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The darkness at heart - Titan Black

Isn't it stunning to have an all-black Rolex in front of you? This is not the latest model launched by the brand, but a customised piece by bespoke watch specialist Titan Black, who has formulated a black coating for luxury watches using a special advanced treatment.

The value of a bespoke watch is to enhance the owners’ unique taste. You will be reassured of the warranty when you bring your modified watch to RSC (Rolex Service Center). “No worries!” explains founder and CEO Mr. Luke Waite, “The watch is treated with DLC coating (Diamond-like Carbon), a Morpheus carbon plasma that has benefited a variety of industries, including the military and aerospace. The technology process and the hardness create a flawless finish, but Titan Black is capable of removing the coating as well.” 


The Lavish Attic - 305B, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central (3188 0896)