Titan Black are proud to introduce their new release: Daytona Newman Oro

You cannot head into the future without knowing the past. But if you are bringing history back to the future, it is best done in style.  

Titan Black expands their exquisite Limited Edition collection by unveiling their latest issue - the Rolex Daytona “Newman Oro”.

Inspired by the legendary Rolex Daytona 6263, the Newman Oro is an elegant homage to the Cosmograph made famous by actor and style icon Paul Newman. Newman is perhaps more closely associated to the Rolex Daytona than any other man on earth.

“This watch is as infamous as it is famous, it's as dangerous as it is beautiful, and valuable as it is rare.” - HODINKEE of the 6263

Titan Black pays tribute to the Man, the Watch, and the ‘Daytona Image’ with the Newman Oro. Based on the stunning 18ct yellow gold Daytona, and customised with Titan Black’s own TB-MAB II finish to achieve its unique lustre, the piece exudes elegance and style. The bezel is treated to the house’s signature TB-DLC and the hand-printed exotic style Newman “Panda” dial adds undeniable character to the iconic design. The sub-dials, featuring art deco font numerals, evidence the immaculate devotion to detail.

“Men experience many passions in a lifetime. One passion drives away the one before it.” - Paul Newman

The exclusive Newman Oro is limited to a total of fifteen pieces.