Linde Werdelin X TBlack Collaboration released in Watchuseek


Just released from press embargo at noon GMT today, a landmark partnership has been announced between Danish watchmaker Linde Werdelin and British bespoke watch specialists TBlack. The Linde Werdelin x TBlack Monochrome series is a reimagining of two Linde Werdelin pieces, in a limited run of only ten pieces each.

From disassembly to reassembly, approximately 125 hours of work has been carried out to transform Linde Werdelin’s Spido pieces into the Linde Werdelin x TBlack Monochrome series announced today.

“This partnership was not about creating another Linde Werdelin piece. We wanted to see how TBlack could combine their own unique style DNA with the Linde Werdelin design DNA we have evolved. The result is something familiar yet distinct from our own series.” Morten Linde, Linde Werdelin co-founder

This new collection is much more refinement than revolution. Stripping back the DLC from both pieces has revealed a raw aesthetic, a monochrome reminder of earlier Linde Werdelin series that manages to still be delightfully fresh and new.

The SpidoSpeed x TBlack is the chronograph of this collaborative series, its steel case exposed by TBlack. Its date-only counterpart, the SpidoLite x TBlack, features a titanium case that underwent similar processes and treatment.



TBlack transformed the SpidoSpeed and SpidoLite models to reveal the pieces’ original finishes, showcasing a beauty in simplicity. The resulting pieces bear the characteristic refinement of TBlack but remain true to the Linde Werdelin design DNA.

“This partnership was a fantastic opportunity, primarily because I always had a love affair with Linde Werdelin as a brand. Their origins in skiing and diving always resonated with the adventurer in me. Here was a synergy that combined that with my need for tinkering with things. Thus the relationship – and collaboration – were born!” Luke Waite, founder, TBlack

The original DLC crowns (and pushers, for the SpidoSpeed) now contrast against the case of the watch. In both the SpidoSpeed and SpidoLite, the sub-dials were transformed to white, creating a two-tone look complementing the now-silver dials, with their numerals and markers reprinted in black.


TBlack offers what it describes as absolute personalization. Since 2009, the brand has developed expertise in furnishing the world’s most respected and foremost watch brands with an extra degree of rarity and personalized touches, while ensuring they retain their original spirit and excellence.

The Monochrome series was realized by TBlack at their Duke Street, London headquarters, with each watch undergoing 125 hours of customization by their network of skilled watchmaking professionals.

“After being in watches for 15 years, one of the greatest aspects of the project was how quickly an idea could become reality. Normally you have six to nine months from design to a finishedSpido or Oktopus; with TBlack, we went from concept to realized design in a fortnight.” Linde Werdelin, co-founder Jorn Werdelin.



The Linde Werdelin x TBlack Monochrome series is available for pre-order now, on both the Linde Werdelin and TBlack websites.

The SpidoSpeed x TBlack is limited to ten pieces at 15,000 CHF (£12,000), excluding VAT; the SpidoLite x TBlack is limited to ten pieces at 12,000 CHF (£10,000), excluding VAT.


"Ready for Pre-order: Linde Werdelin x TBlack Monochrome Series", 22 Feb. 2017,"