It’s Time For Pride by Titan Black with the design that needs #nofilter

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Titan Black celebrates Pride 2016 with the debut of their limited edition Rolex Milgauss Pride.

In honour of London’s LGBT Pride month the brand has transformed one of their most popular watches and given it a subtle twist for this special and important occasion.

Sporting a clean and minimalist style, this special edition unisex watch is all about the detail. Drawing inspiration from Gilbert Baker’s iconic rainbow flag - a universal symbol of equality and inclusiveness, Titan Black has designed a timepiece that is versatile, refined and proud.

Pride by Titan launches on the 24th of June, just in time for the festival, to commemorate diversity, courage and peace, in style.

Luke Waite, Founder and MD of Titan Black, said: “We are thrilled to launch the Milgauss Pride by Titan as the first design of our ‘Make It Your Own’ range. This understated design demonstrates how the subtle details on a watch, like the chic MAB II finish and the fun pantone range on the text of the dial conspire to create a piece that is especially elegant, but can also be used as a canvas to create your own personal design - something to proudly call your own”.

Made to order, Pride by Titan adopts the brand’s specialty TB-MAB II finish which gives it a beautiful flawless texture and a durable wear resistant matte look. The subtle dial embellished with a touch of rainbow colours has been individually hand-printed by our expert dial makers. To ensure 100 per cent precision every dial will go through a meticulous process of manual assembly in order to achieve a perfectly impeccable result.

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