Disrupt the notion of Luxury... Never Follow.


On the 8-9th of June at the majestic Berlin’s Tempodrom world's most influential CEOs, executives and investors gathered to network and exchange their insights and knowledge on shaping the digital future in this golden age of media. Discussing disruptive trends across industries, leaders of the digital economy got together aspiring to create a sector-neutral ecosystem connecting established Champions and new Challengers.


“True luxury to the most discerning of clients is privacy, quality time and the highest level of individuality. This is where Titan Black comes in, taking the notion of status-driven timepieces, turning it upside down and making it a highly personal timepiece.'' said Mr. Waite.


"With a focus on innovation and the influence of digital moving forward, Mr. Waite went on to say that ''new technology has made 2- dimensional E-Commerce a thing of the past. Unique product attributes can be perfectly communicated and, most crucially, visualized. The Bespoke product can be seen, and nearly felt, which is key when serving an International and highly mobile clientele. Bespoke in the digital world means that the ideal platform is a canvas for one’s very own personal taste. Without limits and thus reimagining what true luxury means.”

At NOAH16 Conference MD & Founder Luke Waite gave an upbeat and highly informative speech to thousands of spectators and industry powerhouses about the groundbreaking trends of Bespoke luxury watches and its contribution to the European digital ecosystem.