Frequently Asked Questions

We have done our best to answer the most common questions that people have about our bespoke watches and the customisation process. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via the <a href="/contact">contact form</a>.

Q: How long does the DLC last? Is it repairable and reversible?

The DLC method Titan Black has developed is the highest grade of treatment that can be applied to the watches. The DLC treatment is very difficult to damage but is easily repairable and 100% reversible.

Q: Do the watches come with a warranty?

Titan Black will match any manufacturer warranty when supplying brand new watches. For example all brand new Rolex models supplied by Titan Black come with a full five year guarantee.

Q: How long will it be before I get my watch?

If the watch has to be ordered when out of stock it will take six to eight weeks from when the order is placed.

Q: How long before I should get my watch serviced?

We recommend that you have the mechanics of the watch serviced every 5 years.

Q: Will you accept my watch as payment for Titan Black?

This is possible in some circumstances depending on the model you wish to part exchange. Please contact our team for more information.

Q: Can I specify a customization?

Yes, aside from our limited production lines we do offer a bespoke service. Please contact our sales representative in house who will provide a list of options available.

Q: Will my watch have original manufactures paperwork?

Yes all watches have Original Guarantee

Q: Where will my watch be serviced?

Titan Black has carefully selected its watchmakers for its own in house service center where all the watches are fully prepared pre sale and where they will be serviced if later required.

Q: Can other straps be fitted onto the watch?

Yes, all Titan Black watches have the option of being provided on a Military NATO strap. Additional straps can be ordered in different colours and sizes.

Q: Are the watches watertight?

Yes, all Titan Black watches are waterproof. Details of your particular model are held in your Rolex operating instruction manual and are covered under the Titan Black Warranty. Subject to usage policy.

Q: I want to customise a specific watch but it's not included in the collection, can i order it?

Yes, if you do not see the watch you are interested in on our website, please email info [at] and we will advise you on price and availability of the specific model you are after.

Q: If I want my watch back to its original form, is that possible?

Yes, the process is reversible.

Q: Can I print a company logo and add personalized text to the dial?

Yes of course. You can add text to the dial or case back using our online customiser on the Bespoke section. Here you can also upload your company logo.

Q: Are the watches brand new or second hand?

Titan Black customises both, brand new and pre-owned watches.

Q: What is the Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Coating?

DLC stands for Diamond-like carbon. It is used for a huge range of purposes spanning many different industries, including aerospace, automotive, military and medical; and now, design-led applications.  DLC leaves a beautiful, flawless finish, and is velvety and lubricious to the touch. It exhibits properties as slickness (very insusceptible to friction) and durability. It is also extremely scratch resistand and up to eight times harder than steel.

Being amorphous DLC can be applied to different finishes and it will adopt the same tacticle characteristics of the surface it is applied to (brushed or polished), resulting in a change of colour but retaining its finish. This allows to preserve the subtleties of the contrasting textures of a watch as well as leads to an aesthetically pleasing outcome.