Products & Services

The Titan Black Collection

Our own range of Titan Black watches have been meticulously designed and crafted to bring you the most distinctive and rare incarnations of already legendary Rolex models. Adding our own innovations, our timepieces have a different path carved for themselves - one of longevity and enduring sophistication.

We work under the notion that anything is possible. Nothing is off limits when the rules of watchmaking are mastered and artistry has created an in-house collection with the most astonishing wristwatches in the world. Watchmaking beyond serial production, elevated to Haute Horlogerie level.

Bespoke Watches

Titan Black is the first and only luxury timepiece atelier offering absolute personalisation. 

Every bespoke Titan Black watch is truly unique - our technical expertise allows us to create bespoke dials by adding text, logos, patterns or images in any combination of colors desired.

Using this versatility to the advantage of our clients, Titan Black is able to perfectly complement the personality of its wearer. We work in anticipation to meet the individual needs of every client, aiming to surpass expectations to ensure their personal vision is realised as accurately and efficiently as possible, and to the highest standards of quality.

Concierge Service

Titan Black has a longstanding pedigree in the horology industry - we are able to serve clients wishing to start, build or enhance watch portfolios as long term investments.

Our Team of experts sources ultra rare vintage and hard-to-find modern limited edition timepieces on behalf of our clients.