DLC Process

DLC and the Customisation Process

DLC is used for a huge range of purposes spanning many different industries, including aerospace, automotive, military, and medical; and now, design-led applications. Because the DLC is deposited as particles and is amorphous, it does not have any grain or texture of its own. DLC adopts the same tactile characteristics of the surface it is applied to, resulting in a change of colour but not a change in finish (if it is applied to a polished surface, it will appear polished; if it is applied to a brushed surface, it will appear brushed, etc.). In this way, the subtleties of the contrasting textures of a watch are preserved.

DLC is referred to as “diamond-like” because it displays on a perceptible level some of the properties of diamonds. DLC is customarily applied to materials that could benefit from these properties, i.e. slickness (very insusceptible to friction), durability and hardness. DLC leaves a beautiful, flawless finish, and is velvety and lubricious to the touch. Please see further information below on the full scientific process. In essence, the DLC treatment bonds with the metal, increasing the hardness up to eight times, and does not change any of the measurable tolerances of the watch so the parts remain exactly the same size.